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Wealth Wolves ® Sdn Bhd

Money alone does not define wealth. Wealth defined with us is more than just money. Health is wealth, knowledge is also wealth. Without any of the above, one will not be able to live on for the person may land himself into dangerous situation or in serious illness. Wealth Wolves was established for many beautiful reasons. Most of the reasons has to do with the noble cause of community building. Wealth Wolves is Your Wealth Creation Education Partner. We are training provider, we are coaches and trainers, and we are public speakers. Let us partner with you in your continuous education and self development or self discovery process. Let your transformation to be a better person begins with partnering us.


Corporate Training

Wealth Wolves ® is a Malaysia Human Resource Development Corporation Training Provider. We provide training courses that tailored to closing the gap of your talent development needs. Ranging from Board Room Team Building, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Presentations Skills, Public Relationship and Media Training.


Public Workshop

Our public workshops is built around the 4 pillars namely Investment, Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills and Hard Skills. The workshop that we associate is surely one of the best in the market. We only allow the best speakers to be on our stage and platform.


Life Coaching

Unleash your potential with our transformative life coaching. Our skilled coaches provide personalized guidance for overcoming challenges, improving relationships, and finding balance. Discover your purpose, cultivate confidence, and embrace a fulfilling life. Experience the power of our strategies and start your journey of personal growth today.


Professional Coaching

Maximize your potential and achieve your goals with our dedicated coaching team by your side. Wealth Wolves ® expert coaches provide a collaborative partnership, guiding you to clarify goals, overcome obstacles, and unlock your full potential.

    We provide the best services on the market for your business plan and your life.

    Property Event



    Deal Maker Intensive

    2:00 pm - 10:00 pm Zoom Online
    Live workshop conducted by Vincent Wong and assisted by Coach Karol. A two(2) days intensive workshop full with information and practical strategies in property strategies.

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    Meet our Speakers

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    Vincent Wong

    Property Investment Guru   Vincent specialized in teaching our clients in property lease option investment and many other creative strategies property investment.

    Vince Tan

    Entrepreneur Guru Vince is well known for his self taught entrepreneurship, and his success in digital and internet entrepreneurial skills. He has mentored many successful entrepreneurs.
    John Lee 2

    John Lee

    Social Media Guru One of the world's renowned Social Media Marketing Expert, who has more than 5 millions followers in various social media platforms.

    Shon Sir

    Personal Development Coach Shon specialized in personal development courses and presentation skills.

    Dennis Sim

    Marketing Practitioner, Expert, and Guru Dennis is a self made Entrepreneur. He credited his success in his marketing skills, and share the knowledge unselfishly to all his students.
    Roy Phay 1-01

    Roy Phay

    Chinese Metaphysics and QiMen Master Roy specialized in Chinese Metaphysics and QiMen Dunjia. He himself is a practitioner turned coach.

    KN Loh

    Future of Money Guru KN Loh, a technopreneur by profession. Delved into blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 about a decade ago. Became an enthusiast and preacher of future money adoption.

    Coach Seng Tat

    Life/Professional Coach   Leong Seng Tat

    Coach Karol

    Property Coach   Karol specialized in coaching our property entrepreneur members to achieve extraordinary property investment and property entrepreneur result.


    What our clients say

    justin tiew 2
    I joined Deal Maker Intensive since 2017, and Inner Circle thereafter. I had been doing property deals flipping since...
    General Manager
    Ryan Raj
    I am thrilled to share my journey and the tangible successes I’ve achieved through the knowledge and skills gained...
    unknown young man
    Vincent Wong’s 2 Days Deal Maker Intensive Workshop was amazing. He gave everything that he had in...
    Property Investor
    unknown man
    I wanted to share my incredible experience attending the two-day Advance Property Management workshop with Vincent and...
    Property Investor
    unknown man
    Learnt alot as i had never invested in property befor. Intreating strategy for refinancing and options. Got to learn...
    “Seng Tat has been effective in helping me to gain clarity about my personal branding as...
    Counselling Psychologist