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Why you want to be wolves?

Why Are We Wealth Wolves

Hi I am from Wealth Wolves. Wait a minute, did you just say Wolves? Yes, Wolves.

Wolves is a very misunderstood animal. There are a lot of negative values associated with wolf. Majority will think that wolf is cunning, bad, and evil. We associated the children stories with wolf as the bad character, example, Big Bad Wolf and the 3 little pigs, Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and many others.

Those children tales and stories not only did not reflect the whole truth, but it was a creative creation by the story teller or author. The truth is, wolves have many positive traits that we human can learn from.
1. Wolves are highly intelligent compare to other animals.
2. Wolves are excellent leaders
3. Wolves are strong determined creature
4. Wolves are protective and caring
5. Wolves are proud animals
6. Wolves are fearless

If you are interested, you may also check out how the wolves changes the Yellowstone National Park and restore the balance to the ecosystems.

Interestingly, there is a Chinese Novel about Wolves with the title of Wolf Totem, which the author was telling the story of Wolves’ intelligence and how they act in pact. Wolves were also to be said as the Messenger To God as there is a myth about Wolves can fly.

Wealth Wolves Founders both believe in community building. In the story of Growing Good Corn, the champion corn grower would share the corn seed to his neighboring farmer for he knows the quality of the neighboring corn flower pollen will affect his quality of corn. Wealth Wolves aim to build wealthy community together with everyone,

Why Wealth Wolves

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Quality Contents

We only provide Quality Contents that we ourselves will attend and learn so much about. We are the living example of the content and knowledge we provide.


Practical Knowledge

In Wealth Wolves, all the training and workshop contain essential practical knowledge as the core concept. We promise to only promote training and workshop program that are practical to apply and has proven results from past participants.


True Wealth

We define wealth from some different perspective. Wealth is not only about money abut also about health and knowledge for without health and knowledge, one will not be able to live forward even if you have all the money in the world.


Wealth Network

Wealth Wolves, living to the wolves totem that the founders believe in, like to elevate the community by sharing the network and intangible resources that will help our members to grow and achieve their success.

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