NEW Workshop Helps Thousands of People to Generate Leads and create a Passive Income in 60 Days or less, without Spending Money On Advertising ... (even if You Have No Business Or Marketing Experience)


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Generating Unlimited Traffic For your Business with ZERO Ads Budget


19th March 2019


7:30pm to 10:00pm


Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya

Have you ever wonder

How your business can make money for you 24 hours round the clock and round the world?

What if you can own a business even without owning any product?

How about expanding your existing business rapidly to the whole world?

Would you agree that running a successful business needs a lot of traffic or inquiries to generate enough leads and convert to sales?

Discover the answers to these never ending questions during this training. By the end of it, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to start a business with no product and to generate qualified leads for your business.


This is for anyone who wants to build a passive income or to scale up their current business. You may be a complete beginners in Digital Entrepreneurship or you may be doing business for many years already. It doesn’t matter. This event is for you. The strategies which you will discover here will put you on the path of success.

Meet Your Trainer
Sebastian Beja

Sebastian Beja is an SEO expert obsessed with finding patterns.

Growing up in Mexico with his sister and mother, Sebastian, called Seba by most, saw how challenging it was for single mothers to own businesses and raise families. Inspired by his mother’s diligence and courage, he began studying how businesses grow.

By using higher leverage opportunities and key search optimisation strategies, he found that he was able to 10x traffic and reach. This path lead him to #1 Personal Growth company in the world where he used these strategies to grow organic traffic by more than 1000% in less than a year, adding 250K subscribers in six months.

Sebastian believes that the best way to change the world is by helping parents and business owners create streams of income so that they can be more present with their families. Investing in the future starts with understanding what’s important now.

To succeed in marketing today, you need to not be boring 97% of the time and instead be AMAZING 3% of the time. By having more time and business freedom, entrepreneurs can be less boring AND 10x their traffic

Sebastian is also a top SEO speaker and has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Jeremy Gustach, and Jack Andraka.